Malaysia: Monkey ‘kidnaps’ stray puppy for 3 days before people rescue it

A monkey in Malaysia “kidnapped” a puppy and kept running with it for three days. It was after three days that people managed to free the puppy from the clutches of the monkey.

The incident was reported on September 16 when people spotted a puppy named Saru with a monkey on a tree. The monkey was seen holding the puppy close to its body. He then took it to the jungle where he was once again spotted sitting with Saru on a tree. And it’s not that people didn’t try to rescue Saru from the monkey.

The only reason they couldn’t was that the monkey reacted angrily every time someone tried to free the puppy from him. Not just that, he would run from one tree to another. Finally, three days later, people were somehow able to rescue Saru.

From the footage a man can be heard saying that the puppy seems to be suffocating as it writhes around in discomfort, high up in the trees.

“You can hear the puppy crying,” he says, as yelps can be heard coming from the poor pup.

“Oh my God he’s coming,” exclaims a woman as a group try to coax the primate out of the trees with bananas.

Eventually, a man throws what appears to be a firecracker towards the monkey, startling it so that it drops the dog into the thick bush below.

Then suddenly the firecracker bursts and the puppy falls, the group celebrates upon saving the puppy.

The monkey involved was supposedly part of a wild monkey gang known for stealing food from houses and now suspected of taking people’s pets from their homes.

The puppy ‘looked tired and weary’ and was immediately taken to check for injuries and feed it.

Malaysia reports an average of 3,800 complaints from the public about monkeys nationwide every year prompting the country’s wildlife department to devise a mass culling program with up to 70,000 macaques killed annually between 2013 and 2016.