Insane Social Media Reactions

Lost dog taking a bus alone has gone viral on social media

A dog riding a bus alone has gone viral on social media and now people want to adopt her.

Gemma Louise Burton was on her way to school last week when an unlikely passenger boarded her bus – a dog without an owner.

Burton noticed the dog, who was wearing a harness, sniffing around the bus for her entire 20-minute ride.
When the pup sat in one of the chairs, Burton snapped a picture and posted it to Facebook. The post instantly went viral, attracting over 400 comments and over 3,700 shares.

Since the post went viral, Cliffe Kennels & Rescue announced on Facebook that the bus-riding dog was now in their care. According to UK law, the kennel has to keep her for seven days, waiting for the owner to claim to her. If no owner comes forward, she will be put up for adoption.

Staff have examined the pup and learned that she’s mostly healthy. They estimate she is about three-years-old and is a Mastiff cross. They have named her Olive after a character in the ’70s British TV show, “On the Buses.”

The kennel has received calls from several people who are interested in adopting her.

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