London’s Tower Bridge gets stuck, creating traffic chaos

London’s iconic Tower Bridge was stuck open on Saturday afternoon due to “mechanical failure,” causing traffic chaos in the city.

The 240 meter-long bridge, a staple of London’s skyline and a popular tourist attraction, features a drawbridge type movable bridge, which lifts around 800 times a year to allow vessels to pass in the river below.

Traffic in the capital was “gridlocked” after the bridge failed to close after allowing a ship to pass along the River Thames, the PA Media news agency reported. Queues of motorists and pedestrians waited for at least an hour, while police asked motorists to find alternative routes around the city.

Police said that the mishap was the result of a “mechanical failure.”

The bridge completed in 1894. Once powered by steam, the hydraulic bascules have been driven by oil and electricity since 1976.

“The Bridge experienced technical issues this afternoon and was locked in a raised position for a period of time. It has now reopened. Thanks to all those who fixed it,” the bridge’s Twitter account said.