Londoners are using toilet paper to play poker amid lockdown

With many countries imposing multiple restrictions to curtail the spread of Coronavirus, countless run-of-the-mill stores have run out of stocks and provisions.

Of several mundane commodities shortage, toilet paper rolls are one of the items that are seen fly off shelves the fastest.

As seen in the UK pub’s Facebook post, five players were recently using toilet papers for a poker game at Eltham Terrace Club in London.

To play high stakes poker game, toilet paper was piled up for draws inclusive of cards but no chips were in the view.

Along with the interesting post, “Avoid bulk buying just to play this game, “was quipped by the page handlers.

The video showing the interestingly modified game came as a much-needed mood buster in recent times and has collected over 9 million views since posted.

The video that has the Internet divided, got mixed reactions by Facebook users. Some were not impressed by the players as they weren’t following social distancing while others expressed a wish for their families to join in as well.