London woman and her kids drink their own piss to cure Covid19 after getting fake WhatsApp forward

A woman following a bizarre fake WhatsApp forward that claimed to cure coronavirus drank her own urine for four straight days along with her children.

The woman, a resident of London, drank her own urine after she watched a dubious video she received in a WhatsApp forward from her friend.

According to reports, the woman said she did not believe in the coronavirus vaccine and was convinced that Bill and Melinda Gates had “compromised” the vaccine.

The woman said she believed in traditional cures and hence drank her own urine and made her children drink theirs too for four days before she realized the cure was probably not working.

The revelation was published in Healthwatch’s report into coronavirus misinformation.

The report added that fake remedies and conspiracies were a problem that “needs highlighting and addressing”.

“We were told of a stigma associated with contracting coronavirus, and also of the fake remedies and conspiracies shared via WhatsApp”, the report read.

“This, coupled with a lack of trust in “official” channels of information, presents a problem that needs highlighting and addressing.”