London nurse confronts bunch of men drinking beer, violating social distancing at park

Less than a day after the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked the medical fraternity and the NHS for saving his life after he contracted the novel coronavirus, youngsters in London were caught abusing a nurse in a park.

The Easter weekend in UK has seen some fantastic warm weather resulting in plenty of people stepping out to enjoy it despite the government’s advice of staying indoors and maintaining distance.

The nurse had confronted a bunch of young men who were drinking beer and ignoring the government’s plea to stay at home.

Uploading the video to Facebook – where it has been shared and viewed thousands of times – Louise Ann, a mother of two from Basingstoke, clarified that she did not enjoy the confrontation but had to act because she was “so cross”.

The nurse was greeted with abuse when she confronted the young men who were enjoying the glorious sunshine – going against the current lockdown rules due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The nurse told them: “My husband is not getting paid. I have to go in and do overtime, all the time. I’ve got two kids in there.”

As some of the men began to stand up and move away, one of them replied: “Well don’t stand near us then, innit?”

One of them laughed at her when she said: “I have to go to work every day fearing I’m going to bring it home to my family because of people like you.

“You are absolute idiots.”

When asked to stop recording, the nurse retorted: “No! If you’re going to be stupid, then I’ll show the world how stupid you are.

“Absolute idiots. Why do you think you’re better than anyone else? I’ve got no idea.”

Her efforts eventually worked well as the group began to cycle away and she said, “That’s it, jog on.”