London airports and Drone sightings

A drone was sighted at London’s Heathrow Airport on tuesday, this halted flight operations in Europe’s most busiest airports briefly. The metropolitan police was alerted about the drone sighting, who swung into action immediately.

The people who spotted saw “green and red lights blinking” in the air and saw it fly at 300 feet height.

It was flying for close to 5 minutes before it disappeared. Homeland security and defence were informed about the events.

The air traffic control (ATC) halted operation for about 50 minutes.

This is the second such incident in a month, during the Christmas holidays in december last month London’s Gatwick airport was shut for 36 hours between 19th and 21st December. Close to 140,000 passengers were affected, and 1000 flights were cancelled.

After the incident Gatwick airport spent GBP£ 5 million in order to install anti-drone systems and make the airport more secure.

Many legislatures are wanting to ban the usage of drones among general public. A new law is being prepared by the lawmakers which may take shape by November 2019.

For now drones are still legal in London, however there are certain “no fly zones” usually around military bases, airports and crowded places.