Lizard-like creature hasn’t moved an inch in last 7 years

A cave-dwelling salamander in Bosnia was found relaxing completely still in the same spot for more than seven years. Well, that’s one way to chill out mister salamander we give you that.

The lizard-like creature also known olm in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not move for 2,569 days, according to a New York Post report.

The creature is around a foot-long and can survive this world for over a 100 years, the report said.

“They are hanging around, doing almost nothing,” Gergely Balazs at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary told New Scientist.

The olms that live in caves of Europe have adapted to life in entire darkness having a pale skin and underdeveloped eyes leaving them blind, perhaps providing all the more reason to not move from their chill pads.

For the cave-dwelling salamander, it is not unusual to not move from one spot for a year.

But this olm surprised the boffins. The epitome of chilling, the salamander did not lift a single one of its three fingers since Obama administration, the NYT report said. It won’t be wrong to say that it indeed trumped movement.

In the caves in which salamanders dwell, food is scarce. But whenever they are able, the olms feed on small shrimps, snails and insects occasionally, according to a report published in The Independent. The report said that the olms can go of fore years without eating and they are pretty much anti-social and other animals don’t prey on them, according to report.

The olms break out of their chill mode only when they need to find a mate, which only happens roughly once every 12 years or so throughout their 100-year life span, the report added.