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The live coverage of the Midterm elections has concluded.

In conclusion the Democrats have captured the House of Representatives. This broke the monopoly for the Republicans and making them more accountable for their actions.

The plus for the Republicans is that they retained control of the Senate.

The Midterm elections sent younger, more women and diverse people people to office.

This midterm has seen a record number of women elected to the House,Senate and Governor race.

>In the House 31 new women were elected, taking the strength to 96.

>In the Senate 2 new women were elected, taking the strength to 11.

>3 New women Governors, taking women governor tally to 8.

The Democratic party have more number of women compared to the Republican party.

Democrat Steve Sisolak will defeat Republican Adam Laxalt in the race to become governor of Nevada.

Democratic candidate Jacky Rosen wins a seat to the Senate from Nevada.

Democrat Joe Cunningham will win the race form South Carolina seat to the House.

California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter and New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins, both won their re-election battles Tuesday night.

Republican Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who refused to sign same-sex marriage certificates three years ago, lost her re-election bid.

> California state to reject law to control and regulate prices of rent for residences.

Projected :Republican Rep. Kristi Noem will be the first woman Governor of South Dakota.

Voters in Arkansas will vote to amend the state’s Constitution to require a voter to present valid photographic identification when voting in person or casting an absentee ballot and that the state issue free photo ID to eligible voters without one.

Chairman of the House Elijah Cummings told he will hold Trump accountable.

Focus has now shifted to West, where Democrats hope to pick off their first Republican-held Senate seats and grow their majority in the House.

California is the major battleground, with Democrats hoping to win a half-dozen or more seats

>Josh Hawley , a Republican will pick up a Senate in Missouri.

>House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, taking the stage to cheer Democrats taking the House.

Voters in Alabama will vote in favor of an amendment to the state’s Constitution that would authorize the display of the Ten Commandments on state, public and school grounds, prohibiting the spending of public funds to defend the constitutionality of this amendment, and providing for certain religious rights and liberties.

>Democrat Gretchen Whitmer won the Michigan governor’s race.

President Trump took to Twitter after Republicans managed to maintain control of the Senate.

Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years. They will challenge President Donald Trump for the next two years of his presidency.

Early victories for democratics in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Miami, Detroit, Denver, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

• Republican Brian Kemp is well ahead in Georgia’s Governor race.

• Projected :Mike DeWine will keep the Ohio governor’s office in Republican hands.

Democrats now need to pick up 11 Republican-held seat to win the House majority. Democrats have picked up several House seats from the GOP but their path to winning Senate control is closing.

• Republican Ron DeSantis will win the race to become Florida’s 46th governor.

• Projected: Sen. Ted Cruz will defeat Beto O’Rourke.

• Projected: Mitt Romney will win Utah Senate seat.

• Projected Colorado elects nation’s first openly gay governor, Jared Polis.