‘Lion of Herat’: Taliban capture veteran Afghan politician Ismail Khan for leading resistance in Herat

The Taliban seized most of Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest city, and also captured Ismail Khan, an Afghan politician who served as Minister of Energy and Water from 2005 to 2013 and before that served as the governor of Herat Province, and also a veteran local commander leading militia resistance there.

The fall of Herat, the latest in a series of major provincial cities to be taken by the Taliban in the past few days, has dealt a shocking blow to the government of President Ashraf Ghani only weeks after the withdrawal of US forces.

One official said Afghan government forces had agreed to withdraw from Herat airport, 15 km from the city and the Army Corps commander’s headquarters, the last centres under their control.

“The Taliban agreed that they will not pose any threat or harm to the government officials who surrendered,” said provincial council member Ghulam Habib Hashimi.

Herat, a major economic hub of about 600,000 people close to the border with Iran and over centuries one of the historic centres of Persian culture.

“Families have either left or are hiding in their houses,” said Hashimi, who described Herat as a “ghost town”.

Herat has seen increasingly heavy fighting with popular militia groups serving alongside regular army units as Taliban pressure on the city mounted following the US pullout.

Khan, the most prominent militia commander and believed to be in his 70s, together with the provincial governor and security officials, were handed over to the Taliban under an agreement, Hashimi said.

Khan’s capture, confirmed by Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, provided one of the most potent symbols of the crumbling of resistance in the city.

Ismail Khan is widely known as the Lion of Herat. His involvement in Afghanistan’s wars goes back to the anti-government uprising that helped trigger the 1979 Soviet intervention, and his return to the front lines a month ago was a clear sign of the growing threat to Herat.