Lion Air’s Black Box Found

Indonesia divers have retrieved the black box of the Lion Air #JT610 that crashed into the Java Sea killing 189 early Monday.

The black box will provide clues to what happen to the plane after the first 13 minutes into flight. Divers dug out the black box from the sea bed as it was buried below debris.

The black box is orange in colour and was found intact. It would have crucial conversations like flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

Indonesian President looking at debris recovered

A ping from the black box was getting clearer, an under water drone was sent to survey the area. Footage looked like the fuselage. Today morning, around 5 am Indonesian time divers mapped the area and went below.

Strong under water currents tried to dampen the operation, however the divers confirmed to local news agencies that an ‘orange box’ was found.

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