Lion Air Crashes

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UPDATED :- 30th October 2018 9:02am IST

The 189 people onboard the JT 610 believe to have been dead. It is over 24 hours since the crash occurred, responders have not been able to locate or find any survivors.

Indonesia has deployed beacons, deep sea divers, under water drones, sonar detectors to find the remains of the plane. There are close to 15 vessels surfing through the Java Sea.

Human remains in 24 body bags were collected. If all the people on board the flight died then this would be the worst accident in Indonesian history.

Officers laid down the items retrieved from the sea it included wallets, money, mobile phones, oxygen bottles and backpacks.

Oct 29th 2018

A boeing 737 crashed into the Indian ocean after taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia. The plan was to land at Pangal Pinang.

There were about 180 people on board and 8 crew.

This region has seen plenty of crashes and mysterious disappearing of planes. Malaysian Airlines MH370 and an Indian Military plane still unrecoverable.

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Reports suggest that this Boeing 737 was a brand new plane. It requested for a return back to #Jakarta after 8 minutes of takeoff, then suddenly the plane went missing from radar.

A 11 member team from Boeing would assist the crisis.

JT 610 had 189 people on board including children and infants.

Rescue mission underway, search teams have found personal belongings, life vests at crash site.

Rescuers are hoping to find the black box.

The Lion jet JT610 is a Boeing 737 Max 8 and is one of the first models from boeing to face an accident of this nature.

Updated : 29 Oct 2018 10:16 am IST

This Boeing JT 610 was delivered on 13th August 2018. The plane took of at 6:20 am local time and lost contact at 6:33 am.

Strangely 13 has a sequence.

The Boeing 737 Max can have 210 people on board, this plane was not at capacity though. Lion air is the first commercial flyer to operate the 737 Max. The 737 Max family is the fast selling airplane on the world.

Updated : 29th Oct 2018 12:10 pm IST

The aircraft is believed to have been sunk into the Java Sea. Debris were seen floating, no survivors have been found as yet.

The aircraft had technical glitch the previous flight which was sorted by a procedure. No distress signal was received from the flight. 23 government officials were aboard this plane.

The pilot and co- pilot together accumulated 11000 hours of flying time.

The weather at the time of the crash was clear.

Investigators would focus on searching the voice records and the black box. Efforts to find the wreckage and the black box is a challenge.

Flightradar24 shows something was amiss two minutes into the flight, when it reached 610m, the plane suddenly descended to 156m and then again began to climb. The plane data lost when it reached 1113m.

Updated : 29th Oct 2018 3:20 pm IST

The identity of the pilot is now in the public domain. ‘Bhavye Suneja’ an Indian was the pilot of the ill-fated flight. He received his license in 2009 and started working with Lion Air since 2011.

Suneja a resident of Delhi’s Mayur Vihar area.