Life threatening bushfires threaten WORLD HERITAGE Fraser Island off Australia’s coast

A large fire has engulfed the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island that’s off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast.

Firefighters are struggling to battle the large bushfire. Dozens of residents of Happy Valley were earlier urged to evacuate as the blaze raged east across Fraser Island.

For six weeks, firefighters have been struggling to control the blazes on the island – a popular tourist destination off the coast of Queensland.

However efforts have been thwarted by a continuing heatwave and dry ground.

The bushfire was sparked by an illegal campfire in mid-October and has burnt through over half of the island – about 83,000 hectares.

Fraser Island is a Unesco World Heritage site.

It has a population of fewer than 200 permanent residents, some of whom were evacuated weeks ago alongside the tourists.

However, other residents have stayed behind to defend their properties.

Other fires are also burning on the other side of the island at Kingfisher Bay, where residents have been told to be prepared to leave.