Law student who accused Chinmayanand of rape arrested in extortion case

A law student from the state of Uttar Pradesh who accused former BJP MP Chinmayanand of rape was arrested and jailed today in an extortion case filed by the politician. These charges are seen as a retaliation for rape charges filed against him.

Her family said, police arrived this morning a day before a court was to take up her request for protection from arrest and dragged her out of their home without even her slippers.

After the 23-year-old was picked up police, she was taken to a hospital for a routine medical examination before the arrest. Her father alleged that he was forced to sign an arrest “memo”, a document necessary for police paperwork.

The 72-year-old who is accused of raping her, was arrested on Friday but is currently not in jail. Chinmayanand has been in hospital for apparent heart trouble.

A court in Shahjahanpur had agreed to hear the student’s request for protection from arrest on Thursday. The development coincided with reports that the police were out to arrest her on Chinmayanand’s allegation that she tried to extort him.

The woman can now apply for regular bail.

Chinmayanand is a former union minister of state for home, he has neither been suspended nor expelled by the ruling BJP.

The woman alleges that Chinmayanand, who runs several ashrams and educational institutions, sexually exploited her after helping her with admission into his law college last year. He supposidly taped and blackmailed her.

The case went public when the student vanished on 24th August after putting up a Facebook post without naming the politician. Chinmayanand’s team later filed an extortion case. When the UP police tracked her down after a week, the Supreme Court heard her allegations and ordered the SIT to inquire into them.

The police have based their charges against Chinmayanand on videos the woman claims she made using a camera in her spectacles. The police said he had “admitted to almost every allegation” when confronted with the videos.

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