Large scale EVM tampering footage emerges : Elections 2019

Allegations of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) tapering and transportation in private vehicles in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana resurfaces after mobile video clips go viral on social media.

From the Chandauli parliamentary seat EVMs being offloaded and put in a room inside what appears to be a counting centre emerged on Monday. Supporters of the Samajwadi Party candidate clash with officials and were sceen questioning why the voting machines were being off-loaded a day after polling and why they were not brought in earlier.

The district administration says the machines seen in the video are about 35 reserve EVM units from an assembly segment in Chandauli, and they reached a day late due to logistic issues. According to the rules, reserve EVMs should be deposited at the same time as the machines used in voting.

In eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate held a night long protest outside the storage room for electronic voting machines (EVMs) after claims about an attempt to take out a vehicle full of voting machines. The police and the district administration denied these allegations.

Later the returning officer assured the protestors that arrangements are in place to have representatives of the candidates at vantage points around the EVM strongrooms and that there will be complete transparency.

Ghazipur and Chandauli voted on Sunday, in the final round of the seven-phase election.

Last week, BSP and Samajwadi Party workers  ‘caught’ a mini-truck full of EVMs being taken out of the compound of a storage room in eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Domariyaganj seat. Their alliance workers said this was an attempt by the BJP to tamper with the voting machines. After protests, the voting machines were taken back into the counting centre compound.

Similar allegations have come up from Jhansi, Mau, Mirzapur, parts of Haryana, Punjab and Bihar.

The nationwide EVM tampering united the 21 opposition parties, who would meet the poll body on Tuesday.

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