Lamborghini Turns Submarine? Tropical Storm Eta Floods Florida Streets

Tropical storm Eta drifted away from South Florida on Tuesday, where the storm unleashed drenching rain, flooding roads.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Eta is sustaining wind speeds up to 60mph as it slowly drifts southward at 5 mph.

The storm will slowly move northward over the next few days and make another landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast.

Eta has weakened and its track has shifted west. It’s not expected to be a hurricane, but states from Texas to Florida are monitoring its trajectory.

The lingering storm is still sending rain into portions of South Florida after drenching the region on Monday.

The 28th named storm dumped drenching rainfall over Miami and densely populated neighborhoods along the coast.

Drivers struggled to get around flooded streets in Miami, with dozens of service calls reported by motorists who got stuck.

A Lamborghini driver was spotted Sunday night as the storm made landfall taking the luxury sports car through flooded streets.

“Lamborghini or Submarine?” one man commented after spotting the vehicle wading through the water. Waves could be seen shrouding the hood and then surrounding the sides as the yellow vehicle sped through the floodwaters.

Extensive flooding stalled vehicles, seeped into homes, and turned residential streets into canals.

The heavy rain also damaged one of the state’s largest COVID-19 testing sites, at Miami-Dade County’s Hard Rock Stadium, officials said.

There were no reported deaths in Florida.