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Kylie Jenner Breaks Zuckerberg’s Record to Become The World’s Youngest Billionaire

Forbes magazine declared its annual billionaires list, 21 year old Kylie Jenner accumulated an estimated US$1 billion and was declared as the world’s youngest billionaire.

The celebrity turned makeup queen Kylie Jenner 21, turned a billionaire at a younger age than even Mark Zuckerberg (Mark was 23 when he hit this mark).

Kylie started selling Kylie Lip Kit, a lipstick and lip liner kit that became the foundation of Kylie Cosmetics after she grew famous in reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in 2007.

Her social media fan base in across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter is 175 million strong. It became easy for her to sell her US$ 29 lip kits, and what’s strange was that over 15,000 kits were sold out in minutes.

She eventually stocked up her lip kits in and expanded the product line. Forbes reports that Kylie Cosmetics made $307 million in its first year and grew 10 percent year on year. Kylie Cosmetics made about $360 million last year.

Forbes says Jenner’s company is worth at least $900 million and adding the money Jenner already had, Forbes put her at US$ 1 billion mark.