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Kindergarten student jumps from 3-storey school building, miraculously caught by security guard

A kindergarten student had a miraculous save after he jumped off from the third storey of his school building.

His fall was broken by the security guard who stood on the ground below him and caught him with his bare hands before the landing.

Although the guard saved the kid’s life, the impact from hitting the floor was enough to cause the child some minor fractures.

The incident took place in the village of Xinhe in China.

The footage of the child jumping and being caught has gone viral on the internet, WATCH.

The child, who remains to be unidentified, had somehow locked himself inside a bathroom. In order to make an escape, he opened up the bathroom window and leaped over the railing.

Even though the teachers dissuaded him from jumping, the boy resorted to the extreme measure. The child was then taken to the hospital where it was found that he suffered from minor fractures on his forehead.