Kim Jong Un’s nephew, Kim Han-sol the rightful heir to North Korea is reportedly in CIA custody

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s nephew, Kim Han-sol, has been taken into protective custody by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), according to reports.

He is the 25-year-old son of Kim Jong-nam, the Supreme leader’s half brother. Kim Han-sol’s father was reportedly murdered in 2017 using a nerve agent in full public view – at the Kuala Lampur airport. Kim Han-sol, who was exiled from the country following his father’s death, had gone missing soon after.

US officials and South Korean authorities had then alleged that Kim Jong Un had ordered the attack. But Pyongyang denied all allegations.

According to the New York Post, he was considered to the rightful heir to the throne following the former Great Leader, his grandfather Kim Jong Il.

In 2017, after his father’s death, Kim Han-sol had reportedly taken the help of Free Joseon, a group of “freedom fighters”, in order to bring down the regime of the Supreme Leader. One of the leaders of the group had said that they had never met a young man with so much money. Apparently, Kim Han-sol’s father had stashed away a lot of money while he was alive.

Kim Han-sol had decided to flee the country with his mother and sister when he noticed that their security personnel disappeared after their father’s murder. He then spent a whole day at the Taiwanese airport trying to negotiate with countries that would be willing to take him and his family in. That is where CIA agents confronted Kim Han-sol.

Back then, it was reported that Kim Han-sol boarded a flight with his family to Amsterdam – but the flight never landed. And they were never heard from again. The last known appearance of Kim Han-sol was a video released by the group of freedom fighters on YouTube where he thanked them for their help and cooperation.

Now, in the latest twist, it has been revealed that Kim Han-sol reportedly surrendered to CIA and has been in their protective custody since.