‘Kim Jong Un is not dead’: US and South Korean spies believe

US intelligence agencies do not believe that reports spreading across the internet of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s death are accurate, The Washington Post reported.

Three government officials familiar with the matter told the publication that US and South Korean intelligence believe that Kim is still alive.

Satellite images show Kim Jong Un’s train parked at his Wonsan compound, a coastal resort in the country. “We understand that Chairman Kim Jong Un has been in Wonsan this week,” a South Korean intelligence official told the publication.

Rumours have been swirling about Kim’s health since he missed the April 15 public events celebrating the birth of his grandfather, who founded the regime Kim now presides.

North Korean state media reported that he attended a military review and government meetings days earlier, but since then his whereabouts have been a mystery.

On Saturday, he missed North Korea’s Military Foundation Day that honors Kim’s grandfather, fuelling a fresh wave of speculation.

A senior Pentagon official told Newsweek that Kim’s absence from public events and the presence of the train at the resort lent credibility to rumors he was ill.

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