Kids pour father’s ashes at his favourite pub to honour his dying wish

The children of an alcohol savvy family honoured their recently departed father by settling him down in the sewers of his favourite pub.

The kids of late Kevin McGlinchey visited Hollybush in Coventry to wash his ashes into the pub’s drain.

Owen and Cassidy made a promise to their father to fulfil his dying wishes. They mixed their father’s ashes into a pint of lager before pouring it into a drain outside the inn.

“My dad was 66 when he passed away and it was a very emotional time for us all and very hard to get our heads around,” said Cassidy.

“Our dad had told us for years and years his wishes would be to go down a pub drain, he used to drop things down there, weird things like his hair.”

The siblings even filmed the process of mixing a spoonful of ashes from the urn into the beer pint and then pouring it away.

“As mad as it sounds, this is the last wish he ever wanted, to go down this drain and be here forever,” said Owen.

This actually happened in 2018 but it is now on the internet.

The family members had all gathered around outside the pub as Owen performs the task.

According to Cassidy, his father said by downing him in the drains, he would be able to “visit all his locals” via the drainage system.