Kids build touchless hand sanitizer amid Coronavirus outbreak

In the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak, hand sanitisers have become the number one commodity. Even though soap and water are your best bet for squeaky clean hands, everyone wants to keep a bottle close and ensure their hands remain disinfected. But when we use a hand sanitizer, many of us must wonder is the bottle itself sanitized? And of course, you weren’t the only one to wonder about this fact.

A video that shows young kids using a touchless hand sanitizer has become very popular on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The innovation skills of these kids are just what we need!

Why we need a touchless hand sanitiser?

In a classroom setting when every kid in the class has to touch the hand sanitizer bottle, especially the pump at the top, it kind of defeats the point.

So, these kids came up with a brilliant idea of using an electronic board that could detect the proximity of a hand and squeeze out some hand sanitizer without having to touch the bottle.

What items did the young students use to create a touchless hand sanitizer?

The young students took the help of an Arduino board and a couple of sensors to achieve this feat.

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company which designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices.

Who are these clever kids?

The popular video was posted by Twitter user afro Roboticist and it shows a bunch of kids testing a touchless hand sanitizer out together with an Arduino board and sensors.

The teacher’s name is Emre Topaloullari. The kids created this touchless hand sanitizer system to protect themselves form Covid-19 spread.

How does the touchless hand sanitizer work?

From the video, it looks like they are using a motor on the sanitizer pump to push out sanitizer while an Arduino board helps run the whole system.

An Ultrasonic sensor on the side detects the motion of incoming hands and squeezes out some hand sanitizer without anyone needing to touch the pump.

So, once the kids wave their hands in front of the sensor or take them close, the motor gets activated and ejects some hand sanitizer into the kids’ waiting palms.

We hope such genius use of robotics can soon take over the world to make it a better place!