KFC working to introduce 3D-printed nuggets in its menu

KFC has partnered up with 3D Printing Solutions, a Russian research centre, to produce 3D Printed chicken nuggets – these are essentially chicken nuggets produced using lab grown meat.

The researchers are working with chicken cells and material from plants to ensure that nuggets produced in the labs have the authentic taste and texture which everyone loves.

According to a press release issued by the company, this is more ethical and a hundred times healthier. Well, ethical because no animals will be harmed in the process. Secondly, since they will be produced in the labs, they will not contain additives and pesticides that are found in traditional farming.

The technology being used by the researchers will also be environment friendly because it reduces energy consumption by at least half and also ensures that greenhouse gas emission is reduced.

In February this year, KFC teamed up with Crocs, to make a shoe that looks like fried chicken leg.