Kerala man loves bees so much that he lets 60,000 of them cover his face

Bees can frighten the living daylights of anyone. But for 24-year-old Indian beekeeper Nature MS, bees are more than insects to him. Bees are his best friends. In fact, he even lets 60,000 of them cover his face.

Born and raised in Kerala, Nature has had a close companionship with bees growing up. At a young age, Nature had a few cool tricks up his sleeve to impress his friends with honeybees.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Nature was introduced to the bee world by his own father, who happens to be an award-winning beekeeper and honey maker.

Nature first learned the art by keeping a queen bee onto his hand. Within minutes, the buzzing creatures covered his arm completely.

Aware of the fatal bee stings, Nature has held a special bond with his buddies, while remaining calm and showing no nervousness as he dealt with them, something he learnt from his father.

“Bees are my best friends and I wished others too can love my friends as I do. I and my father started campaigning about bee protection and the importance of beekeeping,” he was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

The daily also noted that Nature’s love and compassion for the bees have led him to pursue studies in apiculture and the bee enthusiast wants to further pursue a doctorate to protect the insects for bee-rich earth.

If you thought that was all, Nature currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest duration of having his head submerged with bees.

Nature spent a breath-taking four hours, 10 minutes, and five seconds with bees covering his head, breaking the previously-held record by over three hours.

The Keralite did so to raise awareness for the honey bee.

His act was taped by Guinness World Records and uploaded back in 2018.