Kerala: Girl rides a horse to 10th class examination center

A class 10 student from Kerala’s Thrissur district took the internet to a storm with her horse riding skills. The girl was spotted on the roads of Thrissur galloping on a horse trying to reach her tenth grade final examination centre.

The video of the girl riding the horse was shared to netizens by a Twitter user .

The viral video, shows a girl riding a white horse dressed in her school uniform with her school bag on her back.

The girl’s name is CA Krishna and her horse is Ranakrish, “She is Krishna from Thrissur and along with her is ‘Ranakrish’ ! Her horse.”

The video caught the eyes of businessman Anand Mahindra, who called her “a hero”.

Meanwhile, users were awestruck after coming across the video. Comments compared her to freedom fighter “Rani Lakshmi Bai”.

Truey Inspirational !!!