Karnataka Speaker will examine resignations all night to ascertain if they are genuine

Ten rebel MLAs walked briskly to the Speaker’s chambers  on Thursday holding blank papers to rewrite their resignation.

After being asked about the status of the resignations Speaker,  KR Ramesh Kumar said, “You cannot expect me to work at lightning speed. I have to go through the procedure as per the constitution.  I need to examine these resignations all night and ascertain if they are genuine.”

The Supreme Court ordered Kumar to meet the rebel lawmakers, who have been in Mumbai since Saturday, and make up his mind on whether he would accept their resignation.

The meeting was video-recorded amid allegations that a lawmaker who had quit yesterday, was manhandled.

The rebels had gone to the Supreme Court yesterday alleging that the Speaker had not accepted their resignation letters as a stalling tactic to help the Congress-JDS government and give its negotiators time to win them back.

The Speaker has also approached the top court asking for extra time to examine whether the resignations were coerced or voluntary. Mr. Kumar said it was his constitutional duty to verify the resignations and “such an inquiry cannot be completed forthwith or latest by 12 midnight today.”

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