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Kapil Sharma faces backlash for asking people to help Punjab flood victims ~ Social Media Reactions

Comedian Kapil Sharma who often voices concerns over social issues appealed to fans to come forward in support victims of the floods in Punjab both monetary and otherwise faced public anger.

People were angered because the actor did not comment on floods in other parts of the country such as Assam, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Odisha, Kerala and Gujarat.

In the video shared on his social media handle, Kapil can be seen referring to an organisation for support, Khalsa Aid, which can work together to help the flood victims.

Public response:

Later, responding to people’s comments on his video, Kapil issued a clarification post in which he urged people to help and support victims of floods in all the states in India. He also called out people who he thought just “commented” on social media instead of helping people out.

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