Kambala jockey Nishant Shetty betters Srinivas Gowda’s 100 meter record in 9.51 seconds

After Kambala jockey Srinivas Gowda rose to fame for a record-breaking run, as he covered 100m in reportedly 9.55 seconds, another Kambala jockey Nishant Shetty has completed the same distance in 9.51 seconds.

Nishant Shetty, who is from Bajagoli Jogibettu, recorded a time of 13.68 seconds to run a distance of 143m at Soorya-Chandra Jodukare Kambala at Venoor.

If the same calculation is applied for Nishant as was for Gowda, his time for 100m is 9.51 seconds, which means he is faster than Gowda.

Gowda, on Monday, was felicitated by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa and rewarded with a cheque of Rs 3 lakh. In the evening, Gowda was felicitated at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Bengaluru.

Gowda has since been dubbed India’s Usain Bolt.

After riding to fame he said, “Usain Bolt has succeeded at world level on track. I am only used to running in fields. The two can’t be compared. That’s a track event. Here you run with your heels. There it’s on the toes.”

Kambala is an annual race held in Karnataka where people sprint 142m through paddy fields with the buffaloes.

During the race, the racers try to bring the buffaloes under control by holding their reins tight and beating them , making it amply clear that the animal plays an equally important role in achieving the timing.

Traditionally, it is sponsored by local Tuluva landlords and households in the coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.