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Japanese firms ban women from wearing glasses to work

Japanese companies who have banned women from wearing spectacles to work received condemnation from across the world.

Employers imposed “ban” on eyewear for female employees for various reasons, among that was that shop assistants gave a “cold impression”. For those who worked at restaurants were told that they appear “rude” and that it did not go with traditional kimono attire.

Japan director at Human Rights Watch said: “If the rules prohibit only women to wear glasses, this is a discrimination against women.”

Earlier this year there was a call for Japanese companies to stop forcing female staff to wear high heels. More than 21,000 people signed an online petition started by a female actor in what has become known as the #KuToo movement.

In response, a Japanese minister said dress code expectations were “necessary and appropriate” in the workplace.

Even though Japan is the second largest developed economy in the world, latest ranking from the World Economic Forum show Japan ranked 110th in the list for global gender gap.

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