Japan Will Commercialise Whale Hunting In 2019

Japan has announced its withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission (IWC), this means that Japan will start commercialing whale hunting in its waters from July next year.

The nation will begin hunt only for ‘healthy species’.

Traditionally Japan had been hunting whales as it is a rich source of protein, and as it supported the local communities.

The move received heavy criticism from activists and international governments. Activists would want Japan to obey the IWC treaty and help conserve, safeguard these majestic creatures.

The International Whaling Commission started in 1986, but Japan was looped in only in 1987. Countries like Iceland and Norway objected and continued to hunt whales commercially.

Australia came down heavily on Japan, called their decision ‘regrettable and matter of priority’.

The IWC met in Brazil this September, and reiterated its existing stand on commercial whaling.

Whale hunting turned the beach waters blood red

The Japanese political class have sought a resumption of commercial whaling activities. However the campaign has died down and Japanese citizens have come over interests in whales and whaling.