Japan: Suspected arson attack at Kyoto’s animation studio kills 33

About 33 were killed and dozens injured after a suspected arson attack struck a renowned animation studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto on Thursday.

Kyoto police said that a man poured what appeared to be gasoline around the studio and set it on fire. The 41-year-old suspect was taken into police custody.

The fire broke out at about 10:30 am local time in the company’s 1st Studio building in Kyoto’s Fushimi-ku district. Police said a resident reported hearing a sound like an explosion coming from the studio.

About 48 fire engines were dispatched to the area and are currently trying to get the fire under control.

Footage from the scene shows thick smoke billowing out of the four-story building, which is located in a residential area several kilometers south of Kyoto Station, as firefighters worked to douse the flames.

The animation studio, KyoAni  founded in 1981 produces animations and publishes anime novels, comics and books.

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