Jair Bolsonaro transferred to Sao Paulo, may need emergency surgery to end hiccup bouts

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was transferred to a hospital in Sao Paulo for additional tests to determine whether he needs emergency surgery or not, Brazil’s Special Secretariat for Social Communication said.

Local media had earlier reported Bolsonaro felt abdominal pain and was admitted to a hospital in Brasilia to investigate the cause of persistent hiccups, the secretariat said.

Dr. Antonio Luiz Macedo, the physician who was responsible for surgeries on Bolsonaro following a knife attack in 2018, found an intestinal obstruction and decided to take him to a hospital in São Paulo.

Bolsonaro will undergo additional tests to see whether there is a need for emergency surgery.

The President has been complaining for more than a week of hiccups, saying it was causing him difficulties when speaking in public.

On Tuesday night, he addressed the issue when talking to supporters. “Guys, I’m voiceless, guys. If I start talking too much, the hiccup bout comes back. The hiccup is back,” he said.

The President last week said he had been suffering from persistent “for over a week” at that point. He then suggested the condition may be related to medication he was taking due to surgery for dental implants.

In January 2019, Bolsonaro underwent surgery to remove a colostomy bag fitted after he was stabbed four months earlier on the presidential campaign trail.

Last July, he contracted Covid-19, following months of downplaying the gravity of the virus.