Italian village will pay you $27,000 if you settle down here

The region of Molise, a wild, beautiful but overlooked area that lies east of Rome, has announced it will pay people more than $27,000 to settle in one of 106 underpopulated villages in an effort to prevent their communities from dying.

This new method of increasing population comes after another Italian village were selling houses for $1.

Anyone who takes up the offer will receive 700 euros a month (about $770) for up to three years to help them settle in an area known for its green pastures, olive groves and snowy mountaintops.

However, anyone who takes up the offer would have to start a small business, in order to contribute to the local economy.

Many communities across Italy are at risk of being lost as younger people migrate to bigger towns and cities — or abroad — in search of work as Italy’s fragile economy struggles to support its more remote, rural areas.

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