Italian priest’s online sermon brings cheer after he leaves face filters on

While the entire world is adapting to new ways of life under quarantine, the efforts of an Italian priest in lockdown to preach while also practicing social distance brought some unwitting joy on social media this week.

The current lockdown in Italy has restricted the movement of people and shut down the school, colleges, churches and restaurants. In such a situation, an Italian priest decided to live-stream his teachings in a Facebook live. However, it went completely wrong and viral after the religious preacher left the AR filters on, making him appear in various disguises.

The incident happened with Paolo Longo, a parish priest of the Church of San Pietro and San Benedetto di Polla in Salerno province. He decided to do the service online in order to help all who can’t come to search during the coronavirus outbreak.

In the clip, the priest can be seen lifting weights or dressed up with fancy caps and flowers all around.

If you think this might have hurt his sentiments, you are certainly wrong. He posted about it later, writing, “Even a laugh is good”.

Italy has been under lockdown since March 9, after the number of positive COVID-19 cases surged rapidly. The government is putting all its efforts to curb down the spread, but nothing seems to be of help currently.