Italian husband WALKS 450km after quarrel with wife, fined for breaching strict lockdown

An Italian husband frustrated by an argument with his wife, walked for 450km to calm down before he was apprehended by the police, who are enforcing a strict lockdown in the country.

The unnamed 48-year old has reportedly walked for a week to soothe his nerves after a domestic tiff with his partner. His walk started in Como, in the north of Italy near to the Swiss border south in the small town of Fano on the Adriatic coastline.

Reports claimed that he was picked up by police officers at 2am for breaching the country’s lockdown curfew norms, and were baffled to know that he walked so far. However, after preliminary checks, they found out that he’s been missing since a week, as his wife had filed a missing report back in Como a week earlier.

Even though the man appeared lucid, he was cold and tired. He admitted that he didn’t realise how far he had walked during his long hike to clear his mind, the report said. He said that he was given food by strangers during his epic walk, which averaged about 64-65 km a day.

The man’s wife arrived to collect him after being informed about his whereabouts by the police.

She confirmed he had indeed walked out of their home in Como, after the two had an argument a week before and she had not seen him since then. However, the couple were united, she was handed her husband’s overnight hotel bill in Fano and also was asked to pay the EUR €400 fine he incurred for breaching the Covid-19 overnight curfew.

Italy issued a nationwide curfew from 10pm to 5am to reduce its second wave of coronavirus cases.

It has designated and added more regions to its coronavirus high-risk “red zones” as cases across the country hit a new daily record.

Italians will have to stay home unless stepping out for work, shopping or medical emergencies.