Italian flight attendants strip clothing to protest job loss and pay cut

Italian flight attendants ripped their clothes to protest job losses and pay cuts.

The flight attendants decided to remove their clothing after showing up in their Alitalia uniforms, chanting “We are Alitalia” while undressing.

The news comes after Alitalia ceased its operations, and ITA Airways took its place as the national carrier in Italy. However, not everyone from Alitalia was able to get a job with the new airline.

Only 2,600 of the 10,500 Alitalia employees have received a job from ITA Airways.

One new ITA Airways attendant told reporters that those who did get a job with the new airline have seen their seniority drop, received a pay cut and are not told far enough in advance when they will work.

ITA President Alfredo Altavilla said all the employees agreed on the terms of their contracts and the threats of a strike are “a thing of national shame.”

ITA Airways will retain half of Alitalia’s planes but will also add new airbuses to the national carrier, according to Reuters.

It will still be a few months until ITA Airways is fully phased in while Alitalia ends its operations. Passengers have not been affected by the change in airlines.