Issues with Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro: Popping speakers and ghosting display

A month after Apple launched a brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop, the successor to the company’s 17-inch MacBook Pro model has started reporting issues with the device’s design.

Reports suggest that several users have reported issues with the laptop speakers wherein the speakers make a weird popping sound every time when a user plays an audio clip or a video, or when a stops a user it.

Users as per the report have reported similar issues with they skip to another part of an audio or a video clip or when they close a window.

The sound made by the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops is reportedly similar to the sound a speaker makes when the audio levels are extremely high or when a user turns the speaker on or off abruptly.

Another issue that users are reporting pertains to the device’s display wherein the display of the laptop produces a ghosting effect when users scroll through text.

“When using the launch pad and moving between apps, the display seems to have ghosting – its not smoothly transitioning between each page of apps. Ive noticed the same thing for stuff like text when scrolling, its blurry until you stop still,” a user wrote on MacRumours’ forum.

Apple hasn’t commented on the matter as yet, but if the speaker has some software related issue then it could be fixed in its next software update. If it isn’t, then there could be issues with the speakers itself, which Apple could offer a free repair to the devices affected.