Israel launches new raid in the West Bank, 3 killed

Three Palestinian men were killed during an Israeli operation in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday morning, according to information from the Palestinian health ministry.

Among the dead is Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, the apparent target of the Israeli raid. The other men killed have been named by Palestinian health ministry officials as Islam Sabbouh and Hussein Jamal Taha.

Israel has accused Al Nabulsi of involvement in a series of recent shooting attacks on Israelis in the West Bank.

Israeli forces surrounded a building in the old city of Nablus early Tuesday before targeting it with a shoulder-fired missile, an Israeli statement said, triggering an exchange of gunfire.

About 40 people were injured, several critically, in the violent exchanges, in addition to the three men killed, according to Palestinian health ministry.

The fatal clashes look set to test the strength of a ceasefire restored for Gaza just over 24 hours ago, which ended two days of Israeli airstrikes and rockets fired towards Israel. The Gaza truce was still holding as of Tuesday.

Tuesday’s raid comes on the heels of the worst hostilities between Israel and Gaza in more than a year. On Friday, Israel launched strikes in the coastal enclave. At least 44 Palestinians including 15 children, were killed in the violence, according to Palestinian officials, before a ceasefire was agreed to on Sunday night.