Is Apple TV+ capable enough to take on Netflix and Amazon?

Apple launched the Apple TV+ on Monday’s event, and some called it the star of the event. It’s a whole new paid subscription video service concept. It’s similar to Netflix.

It’ll have all new TV shows, and documentaries. Apple called celebrities to talk at the event, who took over an hour and a half in explaining what kind of content they were creating.

Apple did not comment on the costs to Apple TV+ subscription, however added that would role it out in fall. New programmings will be added every month they added.

Oprah Winfrey will do a couple of documentaries exclusively; Actor Kumail Nanjiani will produce a show on immigrants and children of immigrants  titled, Little America; Steven Spielberg has a new sci-fi series called Amazing Stories; a comedy about a TV morning news shows starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston;

Apple would be investing over a US$1 billion to produce top shows with A-list stars. The paid video subscription was long overdue. However the interesting question here would be if Apple could take on existing giants such as Netflix and Amazon?

Apart from the launch of Apple TV+, Apple updated its Apple TV app. Apple added that they were also designing a version of the Apple TV app available for Mac as well as a bunch of smart TV platforms such as Samsung and LG. Apart from that, Apple will also be looking to add the Apple TV app for set top boxes.