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Ireland: Dead shark found in River Erne sparks ‘concern’

A shark carcass discovered in the River Erne earlier this month is a “cause for concern”, according to Inland Fisheries Ireland.

It is believed the fish, discovered by the public on 17 September at Belturbet, was a small spurdog shark measuring about one metre in length.

The agency said it might have been “caught at sea with a rod and line” and dumped in the river.

“The incident is a cause for concern for Inland Fisheries Ireland as the body advocates a ‘catch and release’ approach with shark species, whereby any shark caught when angling should be safely released back into the same waters,” Inland Fisheries Ireland said in a statement.

“The agency also strongly condemns the act of dumping shark or fish species, dead or alive, which can lead to severe biodiversity or pollution issues within rivers or lakes.”