Iran makes a “very big mistake” by shooting down US spy drone

The US President Donald Trump on said Thursday that Tehran had made a “very big” mistake, after Iranian forces shot down a US spy drone near the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

President Trump tweeted — “Iran made a very big mistake!”

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confirmed earlier that it had brought down a US surveillance drone after it entered its country’s airspace, however the Pentagon said that the incident occurred in international airspace.

The drone shooting down hikes that the tensions between Tehran and Washington. It may also force the US to temporary push back it’s military pressure. However, the economic sanctions would be going nowhere.

Trump has repeatedly said he does not favor a war with Iran. However, the Democrats say that burdening Iran’s economy with sanctions, walking away from the nuclear deal and increasing asset deployment in the region makes it more of a war like situation.

The shooting down of the drone comes at a time when the US accuses Iran of carrying out out explosions on two oil tankers recently. However, Tehran denies these charges but often threatened the rest of the world to block the shipping routes of 1/5th of the world’s oil exports.

Source : Various (AP)