iPhone XS Max Explodes In United States

The Apple iPhone XS Max which was launched a couple of months back exploded in a man’s pocket in Ohio, United States of America. The man goes by the name Josh Hillard, his iPhone XS Max exploded in his pocket and caused some serious injuries.

The man threw the apple device away from himself as soon as possible, this reduced his chances any critical injury. The fire was doused by a fire extinguisher, and the the handset was completely damaged and not in a state to be reused.

The incident was captured in his office security cameras. The phone left a hole in his pant pocket, damaging his clothes at the time of the explosion. As soon as Josh noticed the fire he removed the phone from his pant pocket and picked up a fire extinguisher to douse the flames.

After the fire incident Josh went to a nearby apple store, but the store could not resolve his issue. The store offered to pack the phone and send it to the engineering team, however Josh refused to hand it over as no spare phone or a replacement was offered.

Josh later connected the apple care line, and was asked to send pictures of his damaged iphone. The photos were acknowledged and a new unit of the iPhone was handed over.

Apple provided a new iPhone XS Max but Josh is considering legal action against apple for selling him a faulty unit and compensation for all the injuries.

The iPhone maker is still to comment on the issue, but smartphone with lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to damage. Recently a batch of the the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had multiple reports of self explosions after overheating. They were eventually banned in airplanes.

Smartphone makers have been making millions of units each year but have not been able to keep quality for their premium models.