Investigators clears doctor who was blamed for death of hundreds of children; doctor now demands apology from government

Dr Kafeel Khan who was arrested for culpable homicide after more than 100 children died in August 2017 at a public hospital in Uttar Pradesh state.

However, it has now emerged a 15-page government report has cleared him of any negligence. The doctor is now demanding for an apology from the government after he was cleared by an official probe.

The report notes he was not in-charge of the hospital ward where most of the deaths occurred.

He was granted bail last April.

Khan was working at the Baba Raghav Das Hospital in Gorakhpur city when the deaths occurred over several nights in August 2017. Many of the victims were infants who were in the neonatal unit or being treated for encephalitis, a deadly inflammation of the brain that has been rampant in the region for decades.

It was widely reported that the deaths at were the result of oxygen supply being cut over unpaid bills.

Officials had denied this and said the children had been very ill at the time of their admission

The state government also blamed Khan for the shortages in oxygen supply. They suspended the principal of the medical college affiliated to the hospital for delaying payment to the oxygen suppliers.

The junior doctor had gone viral in the days after the deaths, when his video testimony contradicted the government’s assertions.

In the video, he describes begging nearby hospitals for oxygen canisters after learning that his hospital’s central supply had been exhausted.

“I brought 250 cylinders in 24 hours! 250! I don’t know how many children lived or died but I did my level best,” he said.

The government still owes Dr Khan ₹60 lakh (USD $93,465) for this purchase.

The government go Khan suspended and arrested him, along with eight others later. He spent seven months in jail, awaiting trial on charges of attempting to commit culpable homicide, a criminal breach of trust by a public servant and criminal conspiracy.

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