Internet unites Anushka Sharma with her twin

Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma acknowledged her doppelganger an American singer-songwriter Julia Michaels.

It was in fact Julia was first to share a tweet tagging Anushka Sharma saying, “Apparently we are twins.”

To which Anushka replied, “OMG YES!!  I’ve been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our doppelgangers all my life.”

Who is Julia Michaels?

Julia is an American singer and songwriter from Iowa, United States. She began her pop career by writing songs and tracks and eventually released her solo song in 2017.

Julia’s original name is Julia Carin Cavazos but professionally she’s known as Julia Michaels. She has worked with several pop stars like Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber … etc.

Social Media didn’t stop generating memes, here is a list piled up for you.

  • School whole year vs farewell

  • Trump’s approval

  • After Virat found out

  • Virat still can’t believe it

(The content above is to lighten moods please don’t take this offensively, cheers.)