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Internet reveals what happened to Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 finale

Netflix series, Stranger Things Season 3 received positive reviews since its latest season released. However, the one thing that was hurting fans was about the character Jim Hopper.

Jim Hopper who was played by David Harbour in the season finale dies or not?

Most of the fans are convinced that Hopper isn’t really dead and they expect some form of resurrection like with Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones.

Alexi, the Russian scientist said that everything around them, including scientists in hazmat suits would be destroyed. And then we saw Joyce plugging and turning the keys to destroy the machine, while Hopper was still beside it.

The scene later shows that everything shred into pieces, and the corpses of the scientists in hazmat suits are shown, charred, with steam emitting from them. But we don’t see Hopper’s remains.

Then later we see Eleven reading Hopper’s note to close the season.

In fact the makers in a way have convinced us that Hopper is dead, however the internet does not believe it.

User in subreddit of Stranger Things found that Hopper may have escaped and turn up alive in Season 4.

The post shows a ‘ladder’ near the point Hopper was standing. Could Hopper have managed to climb down?

Well, well, well. from StrangerThings

Another user points out another clue: In the post credits scene where a Russian prisoner is fed to the Demogorgon, the guards talk about an ‘American’ prisoner as well. Could it be Hopper?

Another fan theory could be that Hopper may have accidentally ended up in the upside down, when the machine blew up and closed the gate. Could then, Season 4 perhaps be Eleven finding her powers and rescuing Hopper from that world?

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