Instagram model threatens to blow up plane after being asked to pay for wine

Hannah Lee Pierson, an Instagram model, apparently threatened to blow up an aircraft that was bound for Auckland from Melbourne after being refused wine on board.

The incident took place on November 7 last year. There were 72 people in the plane including children at the time of the incident.

According to, the matter regarding this was heard in a Christchurch District Court in New Zealand. The court has remanded the accused on bail and will sentence her on June 23.

The accused accepted the charge of her disorderly behaviour and disruptive conduct towards a crew member during the hearing of the matter.

The series of events that led to the incident started after Pierson demanded a glass of wine on the flight. When she was informed that the cost of the drink is not covered in her ticket and she will have to purchase the same from the menu, Pierson created a scene.

After being denied wine she tried to leave her seat to create a scene. In order to control her, they managed to divert her to a vacant row and hold her there. On this the accused grabbed a crew member’s arm with a tight grip and squeezed it hard.

Furthermore, she also began making movements with her head that made the airplane staff believe that she was about to head-butt the person. Eventually, the team handcuffed and strapped her using spare seatbelts.

One and a half hours, before reaching Auckland airport the accused model fell asleep. But, once she woke up on landing her bad behaviour continued.

Her lawyer said that the model wants to apply for a discharge without conviction. The lawyer mentioned if she is convicted there are chances of her having to face consequences in future travels.