Insane Social Media Reactions

Instagram influencer has spent over $42,000 to look like an Instagram filter

A 24-year-old man from Manchester, United Kingdom spent $42,000 to look like an Instagram filter. Levi Jed Murphy had plastic surgery to have fillers in his lips, chin, jaw and under his eyes as well as had a lip lift, a temple lift, a cat-eye lift, a nose job and teeth straightening.

Talking to LADbible, he revealed about having his first cosmetic surgery of lip filler at the age of 19. After loving the result, he “went back like a month later and have kept going on back since.” At the age of 20, he started “getting cheek, jaw and under-eye fillers, but I’ve lost count of how many,” but knew he wanted a nose job and a lip lift.

Levi clarified he isn’t insecure or hates the way he looks, but gets bored of his face easily so he likes to change up his look. Because of his popularity, Levi gets his top-ups for free by doing promos and says he likes to mix things up but could “happily live with the face” he has now or before the surgery.

While he is satisfied with the results of his cosmetic procedures, he has faced negative backlash on social media.

“Of course not everyone reacts well to my look and I have thousands of horrible comments from trolls who say I look like Handsome Squidward and the mask from ‘The Purge’,” he says.

He did some research for the procedure and chose Turkey as prices are half the prices in the country, as compared to the UK.

Talking about his choice of surgery, he reveals Instagram released a filter that shows you how one would look after plastic surgery and he loved what he saw, so he did different procedures that were shown in the filter.