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Insane Laws in Japan

Japan is a country where people value time, love to have cleanliness and are very disciplined. They live a very organized life. No other country in the world has such organized people. But have you heard of it’s bizarre laws?

1. Hardworking business employees are allowed to sleep at work.


2. If you want to show something then you should use all your fingers or palm as pointing a finger as bad manners.

3. They like to be organized so no eating and drinking while walking.

4. If you fail to report explosives to the police you could be fined up to JPY¥ 10,000 (US$ 100).

5. No dustbins in public places, you must carry a sack with you so that you can put your trash in it.

6. If you have ordered rice in Japan then you should finish it because you are not allowed to throw it away.

7. If you discover life in outer space, that may be hazardous to public health, you should immediately report it to the United Nations Secretary General as well as the international scientific community.

(103 countries have signed this treaty)

8. You are forbidden to damage or throw away money.

9. If you die in a dual insurance companies won’t pay out to your next of kin.

10. You need to obtain a licence or certificate before being able to handle a pufferfish.

11. Those engaged in election campaigning are reimbursed up to JPY¥ 12,000 for hotel stays, JPY¥ 3,000 for food and JPY¥ 500 for snacks per day.

12. You can’t brew alcohol stronger than one percent at home.