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Influencer who licked toilet seat to mock coronavirus tests positive for it

The Coronavirus disease is not a joke, and it’s definitely not an Internet challenge.

Days after an influencer, GayShawnMendes, who took part in a ‘Coronavirus challenge’ which involved licking the edge of a toilet seat, says he has tested positive for the disease.

The challenge, which started on TikTok was seen as a way to mock the disease and prove that it doesn’t transmit. The virus, officially called COVID-19, which transmits through respiratory droplets, and has killed over 21,000 people worldwide.

The news of this TikTok influencer GayShawnMendes, also called Larz, came just a few days after he took part in the challenge.

Larz reportedly posted “I tested positive for Coronavirus,” with footage of himself in a hospital bed on Twitter, from an account that has now been suspended.

Larz was also the same personality who had earlier licked an ice cream in a grocery store, and replaced the tub in a challenge last year.

The ‘Coronavirus challenge’ involved people on TikTok licking random objects, including toilet seats, grocery store produce and random objects.

While its still unsure if Larz was afflicted with the disease because of his stunt, a study reveals that the disease can stay on surfaces of copper for up to four hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours, and on plastic and steel for up to 72 hours.

Earlier, NBA star Rudy Gobert, who mocked the coronavirus outbreak in a press conference and jokingly touched all of the microphones and recording devices placed in front of him, tested positive for the disease.