Indonesian teenager reunited with family with help of Google Maps after 11 years

A 17-year-old Indonesian from Sragen in the Central Java province was reunited with his family after more than 11 years with the help of Google maps.

Living in an orphanage, the teenager named Ervan Wahyu Anjasworo remembered the market his grandmother used to take him when he was a child. He searched for the market using Google maps. After this information came to light, a series of steps were taken by his orphanage after which he was reunited with his family

The boy was abducted when he was five years old. He was returning home after visiting a video game store when a street performer kidnapped him.

The kidnapper lured the kid by making him believe that he would drop Ervan home. Instead, he abducted the 5-year-old and forced him to perform on the street for two years.

One day, a street performer ran away after hearing police sirens and Ervan was free from the captivity of his kidnapper. He was then moved to an orphanage where he was living for the past nine years.

In that home for children, Ervan found Google maps and with the help of that, he tracked down the area where a place named Gonggang traditional market exists. Ervan remembered the market from his childhood days when he used to visit it with his grandmother.

The orphanage authorities contacted the shop owner and enquired about Ervan’s family. Soon afterwards, the teenage boy received photographs of his family members. Given that he was abducted at age 5, Ervan was able to recognise his family.

Once it was confirmed that it was Ervan’s family, the boy was able to return to home from the orphanage.

Being reunited with their son was an overwhelming experience for the parents. Ervan’s father, Suparno had given up the hope of finding him after a wait of 11 years. He is now thankful to all those people who took care of Ervan for all these years.